Creating the Event Analytics & Design intro video was a challenge. I wanted to create an upbeat and fun way to introduce and show off how amazing EAD is in the Event Planning business. I used camera work, a “hand-drawn” aesthetic and multiple tools to create a video with the EAD core values in mind. Chanae Pickett, part-time-voice-actress and EAD’s Social Media Guru, was the voice behind the dialogue for the video. Her voice was calm and easily communicated what EAD was all about. However, I also needed to keep in mind the spark that EAD brings to the events they oversee. To do this, I added rock music to keep the composition flowing and moving through the services that EAD has to offer.      By using fun graphics and smooth animations, I wanted to create a world that the viewer could immerse themselves into, and really feel the energy EAD brings to the event planning sector. The cogwheel graphic was one of my favorites to create and animate because I wanted to also highlight each of the services that EAD has in their toolbox. Coming from Video Illusions, Inc. (a parent company including Event Analytics & Design), I also wanted to showcase what Video Illusions could do. Together we created a professional, interesting and upbeat graphic video that showed viewers exactly what we are made of. – Sarah Gunn, Lead Artist of Video Illusions, Inc.